Boxing: "pour pure water into the cup" – MÖSZ announcement


As we have informed on several occasions, the Hungarian Association of Boxing Associations has achieved a very serious financial situation, especially with the reign of the World Youth Championship in August. The Hungarian Boxing Association (MÖSZ) issued a formal announcement on Sunday morning, which is now announced without any change in the content.

Pour clean water into the glass

Press agencies have seen the world over the past few weeks, articles that undermine the legacy of boxing, which are more about inner controversy, excitement, potential and wealth than the truth.

Indeed, in August 2018, the Hungarian Association of Boxing Federations organized internationally renowned youth championships at various venues, called the Olympic Games, which was a very important stage in the construction of our sports diploma, bringing important sportspeople to the Hungary. As before the international event, a three-person leadership took the lead in several statements and press conferences, which, after a very rapid change of structure, sought to implement the event successfully, and underlined and controlled the Alliance apparatus. A preliminary examination showed that financial management was largely outsourced by external members of the Hungarian Football Federation without having to deal with the fact that expenditure far exceeded revenues. The Managing Director, Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Public Relations Manager (Presidential Advisor) left the association leadership. In the light of the situation and opacity in July 2018, the Secretary-General announced his intention to resign, informing the President that he would no longer be in a position to assume responsibility for the Alliance. Here we have to mention that Anett Nagy, who has been a member of Hungarian boxing for more than 15 years, during which he attended almost all international events and at his own cost over the years, has worked with various associations over the years and has been employed by the Hungarian Boxing Association since 2013, so it is not true that Zsolt Erdei had planted her among the members of the apparatus.

Regarding the organization of the World Championships, we must point out that from our Bp2017 Nonprofit Kft. Our alliance received no written quote, just as the Top Sport Media Ltd. offer did not exceed the state subsidy. to what extent the task was assigned. The price paid for your work has not yet been fully paid by the association to this day. During the event – without compensation – Nest's Bird Boxing Academy organized the training of international teams not only for space, but also for equipment, mineral water, ice and recreational facilities. Here, too, we have to mention that József Wida was in the boxing service for over 5 decades (!), He has been a sponsor of numerous boxers, associations and the Hungarian Association of Boxing Associations, and since 2014 he is the president of Academy, so he did not tell Zsolt Erdei out of the gym. During the World Championship, he was responsible for building a competition site, the bell for which he did not receive a prize.

Here it is also necessary to clarify that in 2017 our alliance not only professionally, but retrospectively – with the help of external experts – began 5 years of economic control over the activities of academies, regions and alliances, as a result of László Papp de Hajdúszoboszló and András Botos Voley Academy of Nagykanizsa, their support was reallocated to support the associations after the result, which stood out this year compared to previous years. The Academy of Boxing of the Birds is currently under construction, despite the fact that the grants awarded have not yet been fully received by BMSK Zrt. In the Birds Nest at the GODAKO Academy (Transylvania) it is necessary to inform that in addition to the purchase of land and various translation fees, the remaining amount determined by the Government Decision for this purpose is fully available in the separate cash accounts of the Hungarian Boxing Federation.

The current staff of the Hungarian Boxing Association, working with consultants appointed by the Bureau, is leaving its grievances working with enormous energies in search of consolidation solutions so that the daily boxing operation can be restored. The formal procedure was initiated to clarify whether he is responsible for criminal matters at the World Youth Championships in 2018, people involved in the decision-making and enforcement processes, unpaid account accounts and accounting system violation. Therefore, we ask press representatives and all those who for the sake of our beloved sport try to undermine boxing and the authority of some people with all kinds of inappropriate and false statements to continue working on the test!

thank you

The Hungarian Boxing Association


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