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BMW Vision M NEXT | lead


The BMW Vision iNext, a year and a half old, tells us how he would like to be spoiled by BMW's future standalone driving technology. The current study of M Next (as the name implies), however, is about how modern technology can make driving even more enjoyable.

So while iNext is dominated by "Ease" mode, here is "Boost" as the main function. Of course we have the other: as we managed to drive iNext dynamically, the M Next is also able to slide freely in movement.

But the essence is just athletics, so while iNext made a cross on a molasses, M Next developed even more the design of the i8 sports car. In fact, the transmission chain is also a plug-in hybrid, as in the i8, so strong: the internal combustion component is not three – but four-cylinder, the system performance is 600 horsepower, the maximum speed is 300 km / h, the car accelerates in 3 seconds 100 km / h. With a charge, the car can make 100 miles of pure electric power.

The most important element of the special nose design is the Laser Wire light technology, which provides intensive, character-based illumination with fiber optic technology. The same technology doubles the back.

Designers have introduced all their talents to combine future aerodynamic and aesthetic achievements with classic BMW style elements. Meanwhile, they were also careful to protect the environment: the side aprons, for example, were made from recycled carbon fiber laminates, as was the roof structure. Front 21, 22 inch rear wheel, which is further accentuated by the wide and deep rear. There is practically no rear windshield, the pilot looks at a three-door lookout.

No need for M Next in comfort technologies. The central locking and immobilizer release facial recognition, the seat surface is covered with a viscoelastic foam sponge, the seating position is definitely the driving experience, as well as the extended reality head-up display. All settings can be adjusted on the steering wheel, including modes and Boost +, which gives the driver extra power. When it is worth pressing this activation button, the artificial intelligence that controls the onboard functions informs the driver.

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