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blbactrils can make us better to run

Would you like to run better? Researchers at Harvard University are surprised to find a way to reach miles faster and faster. But the chira of these kiraks can be a very surprising place: a bacterium in our bowels.

Body movement activated mkdst

We know that body movement can alter microbial microbial activity (more than one milliard bacteria in the human system), now the Harvard University research suggests Microbe can be a very important and critical component of our physical body.

The research emerged in a highly clustered toolForr: AFP / Andy Lyons

Professionals examined the fastest qualifying race in the marathon marathon: a total of ten skeleton samples were drawn daily in the 2015 event, and one https in the futs and one https. In the relevant results, a control group was also examined. They were playing with us to be in the gut. The genetic analysis discovered a bacterial species called Veillonell, whose uterus grew after the marathon. The results were successfully replicated by 87 ultra-marathoners and Olympians in the run-up to the edges.

You can cut the frad beam in the run mode

Correlation increases the possibility of bacteria and the causal relationship of physical activity. This research placed the Veillonella trumpet mice in one of the marathons running in the Boston Marathon, with surprising results. The clinical tuning allowed us to run on the futpad for 13 longs as members of the control group. Other tests have shown that this bacterium plays an important role in the breakdown of lactic acid, which can sabotage the frad.

Laboratory mice were also better offTo: dpa Picture-Alliance / AFP / Gentsch Frieze

The search means a potential way to improve the jvben sports club, where probiotic segments can change the microbial, and the better the breed makes people George Church, of Harvard University, is researching a study published in the journal Nature Medicine. "But it's too early to say exactly what it is in our organization.
He put it: While humans are not sure of the assumption, the idea is just a warning that tests with mice have proven.

There's more to look for

However, the research is still uncertain and skeptical about this. David Relman, a researcher at Stanford University, is looking for tricks to look for microbial and physical activity. Patrick Schloss, a University of Michigan specialist, says "there is much more to be done to say that bacteria are getting fuller."

The exercise proved to be the same as that of childrenFors:

Suppose the results of this survey are correct and this opens the door to a better race Says Relman. – all this is a little piece, which is very hatsfoka. If we want to promote these organisms to mg mkds better, it is still difficult to look at the hat on the body. But I do.

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