belvros is the safety of pedestrians


The Belvros clergy in the country took a dive that made it safer to use a transport device that was not listed in the Road Traffic Code or listed in concordance. Such is the electric roller for the segway or ppen. It is good to use these tools in pedestrian guides or on trails, according to the rules, to stumble on pedestrians.

Previously, at Belvros, we found that pedestrians were crawling, with speed, with an electric roller or with an electric device. O v. V. did not find the saber, but introduced more intersections. The nigger belvros in the country did a trick that makes use of them to avoid accidents. On the Internet, you can find out more about how acrylic bullets can cause them.

Last year, Mr. Nyron had a mdosts decree, which refers to KSG snaps, and was banned in pedestrian guides belonging to Vt. . 2019 februrjtl in the district of stlutcra property fvrosi, spaces also covered by this decree. It is important to note that the clergy were not the clergy to ban these devices altogether, but the pedestrians wanted security, they wanted to be safe.

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As a result, he also designed a former maintenance roller servicer in Budapest, while the Belvros corporation designed rigorous assumptions for safe use, and standards were well maintained. The host camels are used according to standardized terms so that the services do not cause dirt and clutter in the stakes.

For each service, you can use your business card at home for service development, alternative transportation and bicycle trolleys.

In addition to the decree, according to the decree, these tools are classified as speeds, numbers, numbers and the number of people who can move, based on the rules. Currently, in this case, it is only possible to control where the use of pedestrians is prohibited in vdelme. In higher level rules, there was a lot of work on the road sign, which is in progress.

The system is running

Based on the experience so far, the decree has used the hotspots that were launched, they are much tidier with these tools and are scaring the pedestrians' tests.

It will further improve the situation he has In Budapest, the klfldi pldktl eltren will not be able to put these tools on the floor and leave them in place. It will be possible to trace and pick up the power tools on the pre-defended dock collars. It is planned to have these points next to the MOL Bubi collections. The nobility hopes to avoid Klfldi's bad experiences in the big blinds because of the omnipotent skeleton of pedestrians.

At Belvros, electric scooters and segways are currently being used by KSGs and the use of standard equipment. Based on this standard, these tools can only be collected and placed on site, this is a standard for which no service is allowed. The Kvterlet Order of Belvros-Liptvros also began to seize unscrupulous goods. So far, 21 electric cylinders and 5 unscrewed segments were thrown into the street. These can be recovered by kzigazgatsi before the owners. And if you use these tools on a terrain from which you are banned, you can use the tool to locate it.

With sabotage, Belvros Neighborhood will do everything in its power to ensure you can travel safely in the V and not leave the skyscraper abandoned in Vilgrks.

Forr: Origo

Lime, the electric scooter, has been bitten, but uses are not ripe

The electric scooters from Lime give j, a quick touch and easy to use. According to the pilot project rules, the only way to get to the project is to use the specified service, but it will be violated. It is often possible to purchase a project in the project space, which is far from the zntl service. Because of this, and because of the parking of the scooters, there have been many complaints in the last twenty-four hours.

It is not only the KSL-s slayer, but it is only possible to use these tools on tiles, slopes and not. In Belvros, the fk is also looking for a vdelm: it is also a bicycle or roller shredder rubbing the fk trick, because it can damage the wood that shakes the wood.

The biggest problem is that it is not clean where the electric scooter can go, and the traffic light does not look like a skeleton. Rumors share whether or not they are screaming, fighting or fighting for the jrm category.

Basically, the order of road traffic does not classify the classification of these tools, can not be used for their use, does not work. At a speed of 25 km / s, electric scooters can also be used in jrdn, and the ton or body of the bicycle can only be used by jrm. The cycle is very bad. No bicycle can go to the jrdn, only with certain assumptions, but still up to 10 km / rs

They may be unlucky in traffic

The scooters against the small wheels run fast to 25-30 km / rs, so take the boxhole, but do not take a few. The small wheels can get stuck in the small holes, so you can have some fun. Many people complain about scooter scooters and have also been banned in some countries of Jrdkrl. In Prussia, deactivate these tools from September and they also grew up in Ventur, California. Madrid has banned e-scooters in the past year.


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