Koppány Szarvas Bendegúz threw police at demonstrations before parliament in December.

A series of demonstrations against the overtime law

The unacceptable wave of protests over the years was triggered by the parliamentary adoption of legislation on slavery, which is also called the slave law. Opposition in parliament, students on the streets, continued their protest, even in the conditions of the 2006 riots.

As a suspect, Koppány Bendegú, Szarvas, was heard as a suspect for a criminal offense against official officials, the Budapest Regional Procuratorate, prosecutors said.

As it was written on December 12 and 13, 2018, in the demonstrations before the parliament, Szarvas aimed an unidentifiable object at the police's direction and lit a number of smoke-generating devices that prevented the installation from being safe, making it difficult to see and the police breathing.

According to the prosecutor's office, Szarvas exploded from here to the police station with a 400 ml tear gas spray bottle containing layers of actinides, and then released a fiery object pointed at a police officer at the police force.

Koppány Bendegúz Szarvas is currently a member of the Momentum Movement, he was also a candidate for the parliamentary elections in 2018, previously he was the national president of the Democratic Coalition Youth Coalition.

The case was investigated by the National Police Department of the Waiting Police for reporting. Karvany Szarvas Bendeguz complained of the suspicion, did not testify.

The offense indicated on the suspect is punishable by a term of imprisonment of one to five years.

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