Arsenal: Offering £ 9 Million for Sculpture – Press Releases


According to the Football Insider portal, Arsenal is making nine million (3.3 billion forints) of important offers for Red Bull Salzburg to acquire the rights to the Hungarian national football of Dominik.

Statues at the Arsenal Crosshair (Photo: Twitter)


According to an article on Wednesday, the development of the midfield midfield of the London club has been a longstanding concern (we have already reported this before). Borussia Dortmund, Lazio and Juventus are also interested in the sculptures, and Arsenal would like to buy their contract with Austria this summer, but the club will soon be out in the winter break.

Football Insider is considered one of the most sought-after football players in the world by Székesfehérvár-born Szobeszlait, who joined the Austrian side's Austrian team the previous season and presented himself to the Hungarian adult team, which has come on the field four times so far.

According to the current Transfermarkt, its estimated market value is currently 12 million euros (HUF 3.9 billion). According to information from The Sun, Unai Emery's manager has been working on a tighter budget this summer, limiting her chances by increasing her chances.

The Guardian was ranked in October 2017 and was ranked among the most talented players in the world this year.


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