Apple blamed AirPower



No wireless charging block is done, Apple has stopped developing the model.

Just 562 days ago, fans waited for the premiere product announcement. Apple has announced that the AirPower charger will never be available. The add-on was released in September 2017 along with the iPhone X, while two devices could have been loaded at the same time, for example, alongside iPhone, AirPods or Apple Watch.

However, it took 18 months for Apple to realize that it is currently not possible to launch a wireless charging pad that meets its own standards, and apologizes to fans for it. Of course, the appearance of such a product can not be excluded later.

There was a good chance AirPower was too ambitious in terms of design and physically unattainable with today's technical capabilities. While the charging pads allow more devices to be filled, they need to be large enough, there is enough distance between the induction coils, while the AirPower would be too small for the photos. Neither AirPower is Apple's first product to arrive late, the first AirPods were shipped much later, and HomePod was long awaited by customers, knowing nothing about the mythical Mac Pro.

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