Apple and Samsung dominate the premium cell phone market


Last year, smartphones prmium sold 73 ct.

Counterpoint Research believes that every smartphone is a prize with a $ 400 bill. In this category, Apple was governed in 2018.

Apple could say to itself, category 51, globlis. Samsung is the ninth largest in the premium cell phone market with 22 subtle cell phones. Huawei 10, Oppo 6, OnePlus 2 comes with the top 5.

Forr: BGR

By 2017, Apple was on the brink, but lost to 12 results at the time. Samsung had 4.3 caches, but Huawei had 25 pulses. Oppo's results were shaken in a year.

Huawei's success with the P20 and Mate 20 was a success, and is known for the P30 and Mate 30 series. The Oppo was dominated mainly in the domestic market with the models R17 s R17 and 10x time lapse. The OnePlus 6T was sold in the 1980s in Knit, Indi and West Eurp.


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