And that's it: a sniper cell at Ripo at one of the MTA's research institutes


It seems that the MTA research institutes have entered a new phase, which is more understandable to the general public (more understandable). government battle "Cobra at the Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Who knows the secret code?" Ripost, who is eagerly supporting the main themes of government communication in the tabloid.

An article that refers to an unidentified informant states that teachers engage in occasional sexual intercourse in a "snake cave" at the HAS Computer and Automation Institute (Staki). The card also provides evidence of a seven-second video: a heart-shaped bed and a jacuzzi in a loft. Ripost discovered that there are rooms on the top floor in the building of Staki Lágymányosi Street, with a lot of work. He also assumes that the room was created in the institution's budget, secretly. This, as well as the fact that the room shown is specifically in the street building Lágymányos, does not have any reference to the video presented as evidence, and the newspaper did not disclose other evidence or a document or piece of information that it intended.

In the room on the roof of the Staki Lágymányosi Statue of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Ripost runs the heart-shaped bed.Photo: Google Maps

"Although we have not seen our own eyes, we did not want to believe that the honeymoon pastime was deliberately formatted as a heart shape to enhance mood," but the student is a bit quiet, but the most conservative tabloid in the world of questions of decoration. Of course the article has been taken over by Origo and probably the Factor is working feverishly.

The only question is whether the Academy will react to the government's clear and transparent proposal by collecting new signatures or sending an open letter.



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