After the craziest game of BL, you can throw your pounds with Pep Guardiola


The Manchester City-Tottenham game on Wednesday, especially in the first 20 minutes of the Champions League classic, and the seven-star football thriller surprised the London team by beating the top four, Pep Guardiola still failed to finish the semifinals with The England's. In the second game of the day, Liverpool won the Porto home after a home win, and was ready to fight for the Barcelona final.

Manchester City-Tottenham

As expected, Guardiola sent his team in a much more aggressive spirit than a week ago at the Spurs stadium, which was the result of the third minute. But Bruyne's delivery to Sterling twisted at Lloris's gate, so he immediately dealt with the disadvantage of City. Tottenham, instead of being hit, immediately responded to Aymeric Laporte's two fouls early in the game. Szon Hung Min was relentlessly exploited by the guests after 10 minutes. However, there was no end to the madness here with Bernardo Silva immediately leveling Manchester, so after 11 minutes he was already on score 2, which is clearly a record in the Champions League, never so fast with four goals in the series .

According to unofficial data Debrecen and Fiorentina were the main runners in 2009, then Péter Czvitkovics got his lead in the second minute Mutu, Gilardino and again Mutu, but he needed 20 minutes for the teams, 1-3.

However, the English were not satisfied with this record because Sterling is giving City again in the 21st minute, then Wednesday night The five goals scored the fastest can be attributed to this match, which has so far reached the game of Dortmund-Legia (24 minutes, 3-2).

In the jump, the teams were already in the back, however three goals scored in the second half, but only two regular: With Aguero's goal in 4-2, City was on the move but Llorente, replacing him as a substitute, gave visitors a better position. Cüney Cakir and the Turkish referee died the VAR technique in the case, but did not see the hand in the goal, and was considered valid – according to Origo specialist, Ferenc Bede, on the right, the Spanish striker's hand was attached to his body , then he did not could be a word of intent.

The case, of course, shared the footballing society, especially after that Sterling scored the city goal in 93 minutes, however, the Turkish judge canceled this by the signal of the video judge, and it was a nuisance that the scorer was Aguero.

If there is no technique, the city may now be ready for the semifinals, but Pochettino's team is among the four. Fernadnino, the homegrown player, made a deep to a journalist who asked me to say a few words about the game. The Brazilian midfielder said two, which we would not translate:

This is more sophisticated, but extremely disappointed by the Catalan master of English. It was a cruel thing to say goodbye, especially as we were very close to moving on. However, we must accept the situation and live with it. I am proud of my players, they have done their best. After 20 minutes, we drove by 3 to 2 and in the second half, they tried everything to success. We have worked in many situations, but at this level, rivals are mercilessly punishing mistakes, and that is what has happened to us. In the first game, we lost a penalty, as well as many great opportunities, and today we played sincere football and we had the chance for the last moment, a dream came to an end. "

So despite the billions spent, Guardiola in the third season did not make it to the Champions League semi-final with City, so this bravery remains only with Manuel Pellegrin's team.

And if Pep had already talked about dreams, City had no intention of winning four series, and even though the Championship trophy and the FA Cup were still in the showcase next to the League Cup, Son and Tottenham interrupted their dreams of four wins at the Manchester Cup.

The fighting hero, the South Korean striker who decided on the goalkeeper's goal, doubled back and said: "Maybe I've never been in such a crazy match. Sometimes the VAR technique is annoying, irritating us, but now we have tremendous gratitude to the video judge, but it was a legitimate judgment.

Christian Eriksen did not win the video judge. I'm one of the luckiest people in the world. I sold the ball in front of City goal and, if there is no VAR, my team would have fallen in love with me, which I do not know how it would have worked.Everyone was superhuman in performance, it was a crazy game, I'm really glad I went. "

With a semifinal, the Spurs set a new record Tottenham was the last of the top four in the European Kufondondon in 1962, The 57-year-old fast is the longest period in the club's history.

At the post-match press conference, academy coach Mauricio Pochettino was asked if it was the most important moment of his coaching career, but the Argentine master gave an amazing answer.

"No, I was still at the Espanyol bench when we beat Almeria in La Liga by beating Almeria. Despite this, today's success was incredible, but I do not want anyone to experience the emotional roller coaster I experienced at the end of the game. After Sterling's goal, I got even angrier than the Incredible Hulk, tore my coat, cut my sweater on the floor, and sat on the bench. So when I saw that the goal was canceled and it still had not disappeared, I felt energy and release like never before. I am extremely proud and happy, my players are one of the heroes, they deserve all the praise. "

In addition to the professional, others were proud of the players, and Harry Kane, who was injured in the first game, was thrilled with Twitter:

Then Tottenham scored 4 to 4 in the semifinals, scored more goals in the semifinals, where Ajax will be your opponent.

Port, Liverpool

As one of the emotions was successful, the other Wednesday's fight was so clear. Jürgen Klopp's side could expect a drawback after a 2-0 win at home. with an even bigger difference, he won 4-1 in 4-1 and there was no contradiction. However, according to the Portuguese master, there was no difference between the teams.

Sometimes football is an unfair game, we do not deserve a two-way defeat abroad, and this result does not reflect exactly what we saw on the field. Sérgio Conceicao said after the coup. "We waited with confidence for the second game, we made a great start, our tactics worked, we had situations, but for some reason we could not find the goal. Compared to that, Liverool found our gate almost four times with little exaggeration and all four goals. Of course, that says all about the quality they represent, but it's very annoying to lose. " The Portuguese master also touched the fans. "We did not deserve this fantastic audience, but we do not have to be ashamed of them, they could see we had everything. It was an unforgettable march that we reached with our fishermen while we drew our strength from them. I'm proud of the fans, my players and the club. "

There was nothing left on the ultrasound of Porto, creating a fantastic atmosphere at Estádio do DragãoSource: AFP / Paul Ellis

The German master of the guest appreciated his appreciation. "Semi-finals from last year only we can get back to the first four, we can be proud of that. Regarding the game, we had good periods, even if not many, but in the key moments we were very seduced, we took our situations and, in such fights, that is the most important. "For the first time, I will fight against the Catalans. Messi? Thank God there are still some quiet evenings before you start thinking about how to stop it. So far, many have not, but we're trying! "

In Portugal, the first goal was scored by Sadio Mané, who lost the position of the year, but was also good for Liverpool.

"As the assistant indicated immediately, I did not have time to rejoice in the goal, I also thought I was standing before the delivery, but fortunately the video judge saw the case differently, so we came here and did it. , the Senegalese striker also played in the semifinals. Each player dreams of being able to prove against Barcelona, ​​one of the best teams in Europe. Now we have this opportunity, it will be a difficult hell, but we try to play our own game and defeat it. "

An enthusiastic fan will certainly be English, the former Welsh average, known for his contradictory facilities. Robbie Savage seems to be a big fan of the team. According to him, not only the battle of Barca but also the BL is won by the team of Jürgen Klopp.

It would be almost impossible to predict who would ultimately be delighted, but in any case for the third time in the history of BL, there were three second copies of the semifinal: Liverpool were preceded by PSG, Ajax by Bayern and Tottenham by Barcelona in the first round of the series.

The most important European Cup series is now taking a week off, but on 30 April and 1 May, the first leg of the semi-finals will be Barcelona-Liverpool and Tottenham-Ajax.


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