Zheng Weitao said that sushi before the board, as his own "BB", was willing to sell shares because of cancer diagnosis – Hong Kong 01


  1. Zheng Weitao said the sushi before the board, like his own "BB", was willing to sell shares because of the diagnosis of cancer. Hong Kong 01
  2. Emphasizing that he is extremely willing to take action. "Before the advice" Zheng Weitao: The mentality changed after suffering from cancer. Yahoo! Hong Kong News
  3. Shareholders overburden Zheng Weitao suffering from pancreatic cancer, selling shares at a fair price, ending the lawsuit and exempting his wife from the end of the hand
  4. Wearing a neckerchief with a long squat to appear on the court to confirm the cancer, Zheng Weitao is not suitable for lunch early.
  5. Zheng Weitao is accused of suffering from pancreatic cancer and two shareholders have denied that buying a stock is a false transaction.
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