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According to foreign media reports, the advertisement map on Xiaomi's Spanish site was accused of copying the work of 3D artist Peter Tarka to help them promote the equipment locally.

According to reports, when you open the homepage of the Spanish website of Xiaomi, you will first see this beautifully designed advertising map, which is very similar to Tarka's work. Tarka stated that he created the work in May 2018 as part of his collection of collections and can be seen in the portfolio of Behance. From the comparative chart, Xiaomi's creators hardly made any changes to Tarka's work, simply replacing ramps and balls used to make the company's products.

In addition, Tarka also said that "Millet did not send a person to discuss the license to use the work with him. I am 100% sure that they used my work, because the similarity is almost perfect, they just changed the saturation. modified some elements, so that plagiarism is not so obvious ".

Peter Tarka original work

Today, Xiaomi acknowledged his guilt and apologized to Tarka, pledging to strengthen the internal approval process of the works of art to prevent such incidents from happening again. And immediately dismiss the employee.

Xiaomi tends to fall into intellectual property disputes and it is difficult not to doubt the company's culture.


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