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Ghosts are often hard to understand. Hong Kong people solve the MTR. Just like Nas Daily praises the MTR "World's Best Metro", the people of Hong Kong may not agree with the nine-and-a-half. But in fact, in terms of numbers, considering the extremely high passenger capacity of the MTR, it has very high reliability and is punctual and efficient.

But what about the people of Hong Kong?

Ghosts can always understand that the MTR problem has never been a problem for MTR. The MTR problem is actually a structural problem in Hong Kong.

For example, an accident.

Although the investigation has not been completed, there is no doubt that the accident occurred due to the test of the new system. At the limit operation, the new signal system can be organized into a few secrets, and the first two will collide with the two trains at the junction .

Do you want to worry about it? Because there are many people in Hong Kong and the world can only do the MTR.

During peak hours, the MTR knows that the MTR already has the first car and the tail car. It is often heard that "the front platform train has not yet been opened," so we have to wait, the reasonable conclusion is that the MTR has already reached the load limit.

Therefore, the MTR has often had bad cars in recent years, which is reasonable. You'll be on your knees for a few years and you'll be tense MTR's mechanical system will work 365 days a year Is it bad?

But when did you know that the MTR / Government executives admitted that the MTR was overloaded?

Not admitting, the government went further and led all the people of Hong Kong to do the MTR. All urban plans are based on the MTR. When the MTR is open to traffic (such as the South Island and West Island lines), the bus will be forwarded. The minibus line (that is, the cut) causes the MTR to become the only lifeline of the entire city. When the MTR goes wrong, the whole city will collapse. This is the first layer of the problem.

What is deeper is that when the city's transportation planning exceeded the load, the government tried to solve the solution? Not

The simplest and most direct population planning is Hong Kong, considering the slowing of population growth? The power of approval of the one-way permit of 150 is not at hand, and where does population planning begin? I still remember that in the early years it was proposed that the population of Hong Kong should reach 10 million to create "Newtown Port" or "Super Manhattan", but the transport infrastructure can not be fully equalized, but the railroad is forced to do the MTR.

What makes the problem worse is an unlimited number of free-ride passengers, a city with a population of just over 7 million, and a number of passengers up to 60 million per year. What free travelers travel from one place to another ? Or the MTR.

So although the MTR has been overloaded, it still needs to be pierced by stones. To change the signal system to make the turns more dense, it can pick up more people. The final turn is close to the collision. Actually, this can not be said to be fully MTR. Problem

The MTR represents the structural problems of Hong Kong, but this is not true, because the existence of the MTR itself is already abnormal.

It is a public utility, the government is one of the major shareholders and the authorities are on the board of directors. At the same time, it is a listed company that aims for profit. However, from the market point of view, there is no competition. A giant that is not private and enjoys the monopoly of extreme markets.

Are routines familiar with cooked noodles?

If the government does not want to administer it, it will only outsource, the MTR is just one example, Link REIT, URA and tunnel management are all variants.

However, these three in the public sector do not enjoy irrational competitive advantages at the same time. MTR's largest revenue is real estate projects. It is a complete monopoly. There is no other private iron competition in Hong Kong. The URA sells more expensive apartments than than private developers. The REIT Link has transformed the original public resources into capital for speculation. The WHC also has the right to charge a toll of $ 250.

All kinds of examples point to the same thing, unfair, but you are bloated.

In the end, these MTR "companies" were arrogant with the government. Like the sand-line scandal and the trial crash, real private companies have long since abandoned stock prices. The MTR has made annual annual rate increases and the public can only sit squatting.

The MTR, the government and the entire training camp are intertwined and have become an indecipherable interest group, and even people are deprived of their most basic choices.

All kinds of contradictions are intertwined with the hatred of the MTR, as long as the MTR has a small problem, it will be crushed, not to mention the four bad lines, the sand line cheat and the crash.

So the MTR problem is Hong Kong's problem, and it is only after understanding why the people of Hong Kong hate the MTR.


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