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"Uncle Drew" are you so surprised? The playoffs is your show | NBA |

Taipei on April 28 The NBA playoffs are in full swing and as the Nuggets eliminated the Spurs, the first round of the 2019 playoffs ended. At 1:00 p.m. on April 29, Taipei time, the Eastern Conference semifinal was launched and Celtic challenged the Bucks. The Celtic star game, Erwin, is crucial. Can "Uncle Drew" become the savior of the team again and stage the performance of Tianxiu?

Celtic entered the playoffs in fourth place in the Eastern Conference, and all players quickly entered playoff mode. In the first round of the Eastern Conference, Celtic swept the safe with a big score of 4-0. Celtic is a soldier and every player has an excellent performance.

As Celtic's number one star, Irving has gradually gotten in the right path in the playoffs after being bothered by the regular season leaders. He has repeatedly held superstars in the team crisis. Let's go back today. A gorgeous performance in the first round of the playoffs "Drew Uncle"!

It really is impossible to stop the show.

Irving's offensive methods are diverse, smart steps, elegant ball handling skills, accurate projection ability and a super-defender with a variety of features.

The squad is a meticulous effort at Irving's defense in order to limit Irving's game, the squad alternates to use Erwen's multiplayer spin to limit Irving's firepower at the offensive end. , consuming the physical strength of Irving.

But who waited, that not only did not have a significant effect, but inspired Irvine's kaleidoscope of offensive means.

So in the second game of Celtic and the Slip Horse Series, the next scene occurred.

The slippery team members retreated to the three-point line in the "who came to defend themselves against Irving in the three-point line".

Erwin: Old man, you can not help it?

Erwen sees this scene, breaking the position of his opponent is not stable, seize the opportunity, decisively shot 1 meter before the three-point line, and fell three points.

Joseph: you! Really … He's very angry with the baby!

In the first round of the series, Irving flew repeatedly to save the ball.

Irving turned and vacated himself during the quick run, and once again passed Brown's quick move back to Brown's hand to help Brown's quick break.

Turner: Hey? Where did the ball go? Irving: It may be that my bones are surprised and the ball flies back to the teammates.

Brown: Next time you give me a pass like that? Irving: Hey, you're beautiful!

Collison: I saw a flash of green light in front of my eyes, and then it suddenly disappeared! Irving: This green light has nothing to do with me!

Thompson:? ? ? Go and go, you play your game and get off!

Irving: Follow my left hand ~ right hand, a slow movement ~! Thaddeus-Yang: Brother, how can you slow down, give me a lap!

Irving: Do you think I left or right? Collison: Left …? Right …? Irving: It's the way!

Thaddeus-Yang: You said that this kid can do that?

The pace is up, I can not help it.

In all four games, the Strollers have used double teams, multi-player conversion defense and midfield defensive strategies such as restricted area and defensive strategy, and it is still difficult to limit Irving's scoring.

In the face of an individual defense, Irving can take advantage of the opponent's weaknesses for a precise attack;

In front of the double team, Irving's unpredictable footsteps and his dribbling trajectory made the players of the team suffer a defensive embezzlement. When the team was ready, they quickly got rid of the opponent by dribbling and found their teammates empty.

Matthews: The cover is closed! Where are you going? Turner: He should get through it!

Although Bogdanovic is dominant in height, he obviously can not keep up with Irvine's changes in foot movement. In the face of Bogdanovic, Irving completely suppressed the defenders with his own rhythm.

Bogdanovic: Emma Duck! I can not keep up with my legs!

When the peloton is in the offensive and defensive defensive transition, there are frequent leakage prevention problems. Once the opportunity is ripe, Irving will seize the opportunity of three points when the attack and defense transition.

Irving: My three-pointed sword is the flame of hell!

Irving: I want to be where I'm going to leave!

The two Stables strikers, Bogdanovich and Thaddeus Young, did not dominate the match with Irving, and the horse immediately adjusted on the defensive side.

The squadron used the back line to move faster and faster Collison, the taller armband is Matthews even better, replace the bank gangster Evans, Joseph, and the two Sabonis centers and Turner's double team. It can be seen that the excellent performance of the Irving consumes many resources of the stables.

Through the Irving series, not only does it affect the defensive rhythm of the horse, but it also activates the teammates in the Celtic field, and controls the Trinity, which is worthy of being the super guard of the current league.

Joseph: You can not stop him, who can stand!

When legendary star Kobe Bryant sees an excellent Irvine, he can not but analyze the performance of an Irving wave in the last issue of The Detail. Kobe's "Detail" program has always been seen as a "toxin attribute." Is there any discomfort in Kayin's heart?

However, Irving himself expressed his fear that "whatever it is, the spirit of Mamba influenced me from beginning to end!"

瞧瞧 That came back and jumped back, it's a bit of the old style of the year.

He also said that players who do not want to be DJs are not good guys.

After winning the championship in 2016, Irving, who performed well in the championship, came on vacation to the Bahamas and, on the rise, went to the bar to work as a DJ and waiter.

The basketball career is booming, and Erwen, who turned the show, is actively involved in the performing arts. In 2019, the film "Uncle Drew" starring Irving set off a streetball wave. In the movie, "Uncle Drew" neatly Using the left step to pull off three points to educate the boys in Rock Park.

The classic line "Hand Down, Man Down is falling, people are down." Impressive.

In the third game of Celtic and Strolling Series, Irving used the same technique in the face of Evans' defense.

Irving: Hand Down, Man Down Evans: I'm hot!

Go through the step 胯 + back + worship Buddha + shift start + back step jumper, just come to a set is picturesque.

As team leader, Irving's playing interpretation and rhythm control are perfect. The rhythm of the human ball's drive, the natural female action makes Irvine break the board as if to get a purse.

Taking into account the score, Irving took advantage of the defensive holes of the opponent and looked for a better teammate.

As in the next round, in the transition between attack and defense, Irving faced Bogdanovic, seizing the weakness of his opponent's slow movement, and immediately got rid of the defense, successfully attracting the attention of the two defensive players on the flanks. Teammates to the hinterland.

Irvine, who is totally fired, not only provokes the team girds in the offense, but also the team's defensive characters. By encouraging peer action by example, the conscience of team members is encouraged, leading teammates to improve . play it

Irving: On your left!

Baines: Brother, I heard you like rap, too. Sing, jump, basketball?

In the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs in the playoffs, Celtic will face the Bucks led by the brother card. The Bucks are in first place in the Eastern Conference in the regular season, and Celtic is in the regular season. The performance was not as strong as everyone expected, but they completed a nice turn in the first round of the playoffs, the overall performance of the team has improved significantly, both offensive and defensive.

Under Irving's lead, the team went to the next heart: "We will never show weakness to Adetokunbo, we have to play a difficult game!"

With Irvine growing, Celtic will also get better and better, and they are heading towards the championship trophy like never before.

Celtic vs. the deer, let us wait and see!

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