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April 18, 2019 • Game Detail •

A serious fire began in Notre Dame, which has more than 800 years of history, and French game developer Ubisoft announced last night that it donated 500,000 euros to support the rebuilding. At the same time, it announced that the PC version of "Assassin & # 39; s Dogma: The Great Revolution" will be available for free at Ubisoft Store for a week from now, and will be collected by 3pm on April 25th.

Source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft was assisted by Notre Dame in the development of Assassin's Dogma: The Great Revolution, allowing developers to get a lot of detailed data on this historic building so that the game's images can be realistically and realistically done. Ubisoft said that during the game's development, the dedicated digital construction team spent more than a year rebuilding Notre Dame as much as possible from inside out, approaching the 1: 1 ratio.

For those interested in free games, just log in to the Uplay account at http://assassinscreed.com/unity-notredame/ or download it for free at the Ubisoft Store (https://store.ubi.com/sea) . Ubisoft hopes to encourage more people to pay attention to the event through donations and free game sharing, as well as generous donations to help rebuild. French President Mark Long said he would complete the reconstruction in five years, but it is too early to say whether he can respond to the game's beautiful scenery.

Source: Ubisoft

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