Sunday , October 24 2021

Thing, "Pokemon Sword / Shield" because of this setting is the most frustrating in history – Gameapps.HK


The reason why "Pokemon Sword / Shield" makes many players angry is because the employee said that in the new job, not all the elves will appear in the program for players to capture and use! "Pokemon" series producer Sumida Shunichi recently accepted an interview with Japanese media Famitsu, noting that since the total number of Pokemons has exceeded 1,000, it is extremely difficult to make all Pokemon active in the game and to balance compatibility.

Shunichi Suda also said that given the graphical quality of Pokemon Sword / Shield, it takes a lot of time to make modules for all Pokémon to be released on the Switch. Although this decision made him feel sad, he had no choice but to make that decision someday for the quality of the game.

Although Shun Shun did not indicate which Pokémon would debut and which Pokémon would not appear, he said the Pokémon that appeared in the PV, such as Bikadu and Fire Dragon, will have all evolutionary and degraded postures. However, Pokemon Sword / Shield is likely to focus on the Garal region, and some of the Pokemons in the early days such as the Guandu area and the Chengdu area will not appear.

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