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The IBM AI system predicts when employees want to "shoot" with a 95% accuracy rate | Hong Kong UNWIRE.HK Play Life. Music Technology


April 10, 2019 • Technology of Life

With the continued development of artificial intelligence of artificial intelligence, large companies replaced artificial human intelligence with artificial intelligence to save money and increase productivity. Today, IBM has developed a system on the Watson supercomputer that predicts when employees will leave, allowing the company to retain employees in a timely manner, with a 95% accuracy rate.

According to IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, the system will identify employees who will leave work in a timely manner after evaluating the various materials so that the company can take timely action to prevent employees from leaving. Rometty also pointed out that the system is only part of the IBM reform, and pointed out that the future AI V will be more effective in assisting human labor.

In fact, through cloud computing and advanced artificial intelligence, IBM reduced the total number of employees in the HR department by 30 percent, allowing employees to earn higher salaries and complete more valuable jobs. Rometty also expects the AI ​​to reach all occupations in the next 5 to 10 years, and the best AI work will be given to them, while only real talents can keep their jobs.

Source: Daily Mail

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