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May 01, 2019 06:44 <! –

In the astronomical "Super Blood Wolf Month" marvel held in January this year, Spanish scientists have discovered that meteoroids reach the Moon at speeds of up to 61,000 kilometers per hour, creating a large shaft with a diameter of 15 meters.

The scientists used the lunar impact detection system, which consists of eight astronomical telescopes to analyze the impact: the impactor is believed to be a 60 cm (2 wide) wide, 45 kg (100 lb) with impact energy equivalent to 1,5. Metric tons of yellow explosives.

José María Madiedo, an astronomer at the University of Revela in Spain, admits that while taking advantage of "Super Blood Wolf Moon", she is very excited to observe the "Meteor hitting the moon" at the same time. He said that when he observed the lunar eclipse many times before, he could not find the wonders.


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