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April 17, 2019 • Game Info •

Sony will not attend the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo held in June of this year, so it is certain that the next generation PlayStation will not be exposed at that time. However, video game fans are disappointed because Sony has taken the lead in exposing the hardware specs of some new generation PlayStations and the performance data expected by the players.

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PlayStation chief architect Mark Cerny has confirmed that PlayStation's next generation will use 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture, the third generation of the eight-core AMD Ryzen processor and custom image processing based on the Radeon Navi series. The chip does not only have an image output with a maximum resolution of 8K, but also supports Ray-Tracing technology. In addition, the new machine is also equipped with 3D sound, allowing players to have the experience.

The new generation PlayStation will abandon the traditional mechanical hard drive and switch to SSD storage, which will greatly increase read and write speed. For example, in Spider-Man, the loading time is greatly reduced from the current 15 seconds for just 0.8 seconds. Cerny refers to the architecture of the new generation PlayStation and PS4 and confirmed that the new machine supports PS4 games and supports the current PlayStation VR, in addition to confirming that the game's CD will continue to be supported.

Source: wired

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