Thursday , October 21 2021

Shao Ziping, who is naturalized in China, blames the reasons behind the second generation of white terror victims – Mirror Weekly

Shao Ziping, who is naturalized in China, is the reason behind the second generation of white victims of terror.

Shao Ziping, an 82-year-old legal expert, has already applied for a Chinese identity card, and in March was abolished by the Immigration Department of the Interior Ministry and wanted to return to Taiwan to accuse the government of "unconstitutionality." Wei Wei, daughter of Wei Tingchao, the victim of white terror, published a paper on Facebook earlier in the morning (9) for him, emphasizing that Shao Ziping's nationality issue is "the tragedy of the times." Chen Mingtong, the chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, was sent to respond to the request for permission to restore his original status, provided he issued a document waiving the continent's passport and canceling the domestic registration on the mainland. Wei Wei, who was nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party for election at the Taoyuan City Council in 2018, said Shao Ziping was his father's best friend during his lifetime and he could not say that the title kills "I think he's another Huang An ". The process may be known as its contradiction. "It does not matter if it's China or Taiwan, he does not consider it as his." She said that during the Kuomintang war, Shao Ziping followed Wei Tingchao to Taiwan to attend high school and university. Diplomats entered the United Nations and met with Chinese and American diplomatic relations, the Republic of China was removed from the United Nations and faced the challenge of choosing China or the Republic of China, and also supported the persecuted Xie Congmin and Wei Tingchao by the Kuomintang in the United States. Li Wei and others became black and could not return to Taiwan, but then chose to vote for the Communist Party, otherwise he could go there again, and the Kuomintang would not let him return to Taiwan. He lived in the United States for more than 20 years and returned to his native China. Wei Wei pointed out that Shao Ziping is not wrong, but he loves democracy and freedom, and hopes that China will truly be a democratic day. Now that he is now in his 80s, he was able to return to Taiwan after martial law to see old friends where he grew up. In this regard, Chen Mingtong replied Wei Wei post through his personal Facebook, saying that this matter is not difficult to resolve, and there is no need to go to court. He said that according to Article 9 bis of the "Regulation on Relations between People on the Two Sides of Taiwan Strait, the people of Taiwan is lost, and then …

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