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Yang Youzhen

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In addition to the announcement of several roles that should appear in the new series "SAMURAI SHODOWN" in the series "Soul of Soul", SNK further disclosed the new role called Darli Dagger at the PAX East 2019 event held in Boston, USA. The computer control mode will be created by learning how to play the player by artificial intelligence.

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During the PAX East 2019 event, game producer Oda Taeki, responsible for the work of SAMURAI SHODOWN, and Art Director Kuroki Shinki revealed the new character named Darli Dagger in the game, to be announced on SAMURAI SHODOWN. The first three characters of the new character will be drawn in the form of a female pirate, and the giant blade is used as an attack weapon.

At the same time, the forum also revealed that the game will use artificial intelligence to learn the game mode, on behalf of the game will continue to learn the player's game habits, attack mode and then analyze the best methods of combat and counter-attack, but also participate in battle mode In addition, also includes 10 players to enter the game through online, and through 5 pairs of 5 ways to win.

In the performance of this style, the production team also confirmed the integration of Japanese style and drawing techniques and comics, but also the expression of line of special ink images.

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"SAMURAI SHODOWN" is determined to be on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in June this year, and will also be on the Nintendo Switch in the fourth quarter of this year, and the PC version has not yet confirmed the actual implementation time.

In addition, SNK is holding a press conference at 11am on April 5, Japan time, and it is expected that more game-related news will be announced.

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