Samsung confirms troubleshooting Galaxy Fold is available anytime


June 20, 2019 • Cellular •

Samsung originally planned to launch the Galaxy Fold Folding Smartphone at the end of April, but it was suspected that it was related to the hardware design a week before launch. Samsung stopped the listing and conducted global recycling to reshape the problem, but has not yet announced the listing schedule. According to Korean media reports, a senior Samsung executive revealed that Galaxy Fold is now ready to go public.

Source: appleinsider

Galaxy Fold flexible screens are provided by the Samsung Display, and they naturally participate in improved designs when problems are discovered. The Korean website The Investor recently quoted Kim Seong-cheol, vice president of Samsung Display
This means that the Galaxy Fold display issue has been resolved and that the cell phone is ready to go public at any time. It was previously reported that Samsung will hold a press conference in late June and then take the lead in the Korean market in July, however, Samsung has had no media event yet, and there may be other listing agreements .

Source: appleinsider

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