New Survival Action Triton Survival Launches Triton Survival in Mid-June


Spain's independent research and development team, DreamsSoftGames, today announced that its action survival game "Triton Survival" will be a precautionary experience on the Steam platform on June 14.

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DreamsSoftGames pointed out that "Triton Survival" combines elements of survival, production and resource gathering. Players will face a strong enemy attack on the Neptune Triton satellite.

In 2114, the alien civilization established an entrance into the Neptune system, hoping to create a black hole to invade Earth, and the player was sent to the main satellite of Neptune, Triton, not only to protect the security of the satellite , but also to prevent alien troops. Invasion, it is even more necessary to find ways to destroy the entry created by alien civilizations and prevent them from establishing bases on other planets. Players must find ways to gain energy, build defensive measures and destroy the facilities that the invaders try to protect and build, and the player is the planet's only hope.

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DreamsSoftGames said the pre-experience version of the Triton Survival will open the survival system, make systems, collect resources, explore underground resources, farm systems, some weapon trees and skills, and day and night cycles, power generation systems.

"Triton Survival" is scheduled to begin on June 14.


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