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Medal of 100 meters of Morozov broke the world

[2018.11.10] Publish

The 6th Series of the FINA 6 Swimming World Cup was opened in Tokyo. The Chinese team of nine swimmers won 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze on the first day, among which Xu Jiayu dominated the 200 meter swimming and Russian star Morozov broke the world record of 100 men's medley.

The 200m win back Xu Jiayu's back was 1 minute 48 seconds 32, which was 0.76 seconds higher than his victory in Beijing last Friday Zhang Yuxi picked up the silver in the 200m women's butterfly with 2: 03.50. The woman "Huosu" decreased by 0.49 seconds, the scorpion took the bronze medal in the man's 100m chest with a score of 56 seconds 96. In addition, Ye Shiwen won the 6th place in the 200m women's chest, and Wang Shun in 5th in the male 100m medley.

Morozov is the king of the 100 meter medley project, rewrote the world record with 50 seconds and is still invincible in the 50 meters free with a score of 20 seconds 49.

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