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LINE GAMES mobile phone RPG new work "Dice of the Dice" released early this summer


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LINE GAMES has started the pre-registration campaign for the new mobile game "Scorpion Duel (iOS / Android). The launch period is scheduled for early summer 2019.

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According to the official, this game is a battle against RPG by the Scorpion. In addition to collecting over 120 characters with different abilities, he can also experience the story of the game and the fun of the game online.

Currently, the official VP of publicity can watch the image of the world view and the debut characters, and interested readers can watch it.

The pre-login activity is now open for login and will be given to the player's game items based on the number of people logged in. If you reach 300,000 people, you can get the 5 character character "Tiki Love (T ィ チ エ ル)". Interested players can complete the registration in advance for more information.

LINE GAMES mobile game for new work "Scorpion Duel" before the event registration! Use the data to decide the outcome!

LINE GAMES recently announced that the mobile game "Scorpion Duel" has begun pre-registration activities. According to the number of people who previously registered, the pre-registration activity of the item content in the game that will be given to the player at the beginning of the operation is now more luxurious. Please pay attention.

The more people you sign in, the more special content will be more luxurious! Start accepting login beforehand! !

Before the login event

  • June 10, 2019 (1) – Operation begins

Previous login method

  • The official Twitter account (@duelofdice) that follows the Scorpion Duel is to complete the login in advance.

The official Twitter page goes here

The ad hoc page of the event goes here

Enter in advance

According to the number of people registered, the character development items and the "CP" that can be used for summoning will be given as gifts! In addition, the number of people who registered in advance will reach 300,000 people. ★ 5 Character "Tiki Ai Er"! ! The more people you sign in, the more special content you'll have at the beginning of the operation. Please, fill in the login in advance.

List of rewards

  • It reached 50,000 people: 200,000 GP

  • Conquest of 100,000 people: role playing props × 10 combinations

  • It reached 200,000 people: 1.000CP

  • It reached 300,000 people: Tiki Ai Er (★ 5)

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※ The method of calculating the number of users previously registered is the total number of official Twitter followers (@delelofdice) and the total number of pre-registration activities in the country and abroad.

※ The method and collection period of the special code will be notified on official Twitter after the start of the operation.

* The actual rarity in the game is not "★" but "."

A fierce battle with the debut scorpion RPG!

The victory of this world is the strongest of the two elements of "transportation" with the number of data played and the "strategy" made up of the team! New feeling duel (type of match) RPG debut.

Collecting partners for breeding, the goal is to be the strongest!

Collect over 120 characters with different abilities to play. Organize the team that plays your strategic strengths. The strongest training is in the team that can play an excellent strategy.

Single and multiplayer can play! It has a variety of game modes!

In addition to being able to carefully nurture the "story" (シ ナ リ オ) mode of experiencing story history, and "friends to fight" with friends to enjoy the fun of the game, there are many different game modes!

Enemies await your online challenge at any time!

Feel free to enjoy up to 4 simultaneous online matches at any time! Take good training and strategy, believe that you have the luck of the fortune goddess and compete with players around the world!

※ The screens above belong to the developing game screen.

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