"League of Legends" Garena leads the world! MSI show live show of chance to the public! – EXP.GG


Some time ago, Garena left the table and fired the DG team in the fake game. I did not expect the Garena live show to be on the live broadcast of the MSI event, which made the audience in the chat room had an heated discussion. The anchors Rex and Tommy also began to spread. These actions are very angry. Although the live clip has been deleted, users have backed up.

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This issue also caused heated discussions on Reddit. When Garena, many valuable value activities stored as gambling, player computer mining, etc., Garena has been well-known among European and American players, this time has happened so poorly. Things are very sad.

Xiao Bian believes that it may not be a gamble, there are more and more value activities stored as bets, maybe it's just a matter of how to do more activities, and more people can even smoke, huh.


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