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IFixit removes the Galaxy Fold unbundling page on demand

April 28, 2019 • Cellular •

Every time a new phone or Apple product is released, iFixit will bring down the machine for the first time, share the internal structure and punctuate the device's maintenance difficulty. The Samsung Galaxy Fold recently supplied to the media was also disassembled by iFixit. However, they rarely remove content upon request.

The request to remove the Samsung Galaxy Fold disassembly page was not made directly by Samsung, but by the undisclosed partner who provided the mobile phone to iFixit, although iFixit has said that it has no legal or other obligation to remove the content. However, based on the decision of the respected partner, the content was also removed until they could officially buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the store.

This situation is very rare, and there is more details about iFixit, but it is estimated that Samsung has not officially launched a cell phone. For many previous problems, one can expect that the recycling will be improved, so the current version should not be removed. The details of the machine are open and it is possible that the partner has not been licensed by Samsung to provide the disassembly of iFixit.

Of course, it is almost impossible to completely remove content that has been posted on the Internet. Therefore, the network archiving platform, such as the Wayback Machine, has already saved the iFixit site, and if you are interested in viewing it, you can still open it on here.

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