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Hong Kong and Macao to sue Zhong Shiyuan's death – News – Xincheng Finance Channel

Hong Kong and Macao Office sent a message of condolences to the death of Zhong Shiyuan

11/19/2018 22:20
The Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council sent a message to the delegation on the 19th to express condolences to the death of Zhong Shiyuan, convener of the first Executive Council after the return of Hong Kong, and expressed condolences to his relatives .
The message said that Zhong Shiyuan loved Hong Kong and supported the country, two basic systems and laws, served as a member of the Preparatory Committee and the Special Administrative Commission of the National People's Congress of Hong Kong as Office for Hong Kong and Macao Affairs and an agency of Xinhua News Agency, in addition to being the convenor of the Executive Council. With his rich experience in politics, he has contributed greatly to the smooth transition, smooth transition, prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, being widely respected by all social classes.

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