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June 18, 2019 • Game Info •

There are many cheat programs on the market, and even the Pokemon Go, which requires players to leave, is no exception. There are GPS cheat programs on the Internet so players can catch elves without leaving the house. Pokemon Go gamer Niantic Labs recently went to the global ++ development team to sue them for six counts of infringement, computer fraud, computer data access, unfair competition and breach of contract.

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Niantic Labs refers to the Global ++ development team for PokeGo ++, Ingress ++ and Potter ++ for Pokemon Go, Ingress and, later, Harry Potter: Wizards
Unite's cheating tools are profitable and continue to benefit from subscriptions. Niantic Labs refers to team leader Ryan Hunt, who believes he is in Ontario, Canada, and is online as ElliotRobot, another Alen Hudur, who is a YouTube pitcher based in Tennessee, USA, and involved in development. Niantic Labs also sued about 20 members of the Global ++ team for their involvement in tools and support for distribution tools.

Niantic Labs refers to the cheat tool that gives some players an unfair advantage, including location cheats, automated operations, etc. To implement the cheat function, game data belonging to Niantic Labs is added and additional server pressure is added, which also constitutes 5,000. The real dollar loss. Niantic Labs believes that the number of people using the Global ++ tools is high, damaging the normal player's gaming experience and undermining Niantic Labs' reputation. After the letter was asked to stop the other party, he was not attended to, so he officially went to court. The Global ++ team quickly removed the site, forums, and other content, and the administrator announced that it would discontinue the service.

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