Monday , October 25 2021

Foreign praise game shooting "Rebellion: Desert Storm" this weekend Free Steam – Gameapps.HK Hong Kong mobile game network


"Rebellion: Desert Storm" is a first person shooter game that emphasizes teamwork tactics. Both foreign PC Gamer and IGN received more than 80 points. Players can use a variety of modern firearms, light combat vehicles, devastating artillery and other equipment to perform missions and kill their enemies. And with the Unreal 4 engine to bring you the real picture and the most real war experience.

This time around, I've added character customization, projecting your personal style through various costumes, uniforms, accessories, and character dubbing, and I'm staying with your team! In addition to story mode, the game also has a variety of gameplay, such as cooperation and cooperation, PVP battles and so on. In addition, with the launch of free trial for limited time, new game modes, weapons, maps, etc. will also be on the same stage!

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