Friday , October 22 2021

FedEx refuses to ship Huawei mobile phones to US Huawei: Pure misunderstanding | Hong Kong UNWIRE.HK Play life. Music Technology


The United States has blocked Huawei's products for some time, but since policies are rather complicated, many companies are not very clear about what can actually be imported or exported. Recently, a British magazine intends to send Huawei cell phones to the US office Unexpectedly, after FedEx, responsible for the delivery, learned that it was a Huawei mobile phone, the package was returned to the sender and could not be shipped.

According to PC Magazine editors, they shipped a Huawei P30 from the UK office to the US office. A few days later, FedEx returned the package, saying there is a problem between the US government and Huawei and the Chinese government . . The list of packaged items clearly shows the mobile phone and up to the IMEI number. From the shipping record, it can be seen that the package was actually shipped from Parcelforce in the UK to the FedEx transfer station in the United States, but was refused.

PC Magazine asked the other express delivery company, UPS, that the other party said they could send Huawei mobile phones. Huawei believes that FedEx did not understand current US rules. Currently, the United States has different regulations to restrict the import and export of Huawei devices, including US companies that can not sell hardware and software to Huawei, and US telecommunications companies did not import Huawei phones, but the cell phones in use should not be prohibited.

Source: PC Magazine

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