Sunday , October 24 2021

Epic CEO: Epic store sales data only sales statistics games – Technology News – Sina News Center


In recent months, many developers have shared sales data for their games in the Epic gaming store. Some players have wondered if this sales data includes the "funds" that Epic Games provides developers and publishers to ensure that their games are distributed exclusively in Epic stores. A few days ago, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney gave an explanation for this.

According to Sweeney, reported sales data does not include funds provided by Epic Games to different developers / distributors.

"When Epic or a partner provides sales data, this reflects sales to the actual users of the Epic game store. Any financial support that Epic provides to partners does not affect that data."

Therefore, the DSOGaming sales reports shared in recent months are real. In other words, Happiness Factory, Metro: Escape and Zombie World War really achieved commercial success on the Epic Games Store platform. Of course, we (DSOGaming) hate everything Epic Games does, and we also oppose exclusive limited-time offers that prevent games from being thrown at other stores, but at least knowing that these games are selling well is one thing good.

Tim Sweeney also commented on "Sammu 3" will be exclusively in the Epic game store, although the Kickstarter page mentioned above is on Steam (this is obviously one of the reasons some players support).

The Kickstarter situation is complicated because as far as we know Valve's policy, the only way for developers to supply the Steam key to fans is to sell their games openly to all players on Steam, and Steam will charge 30%. . The developers of "Sammu 3," Ys Net and Sweeney, say they are dealing with this situation and will release more information next week.

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