Day AV dyed AIDS actress scared 10 men, status is gradually exposed – Zhongshi News


Japan's anti-virus organization "Human Rights Ethics Agency" revealed last month that a doctor diagnosed AIDS, but because of the inconvenience of protecting the privacy of the parties, the recent weekly magazine revealed information from the female superior, pointing out that 10 men became ill The actress collaborated and arranged for the 10 people to be examined, and the woman had worked in an older and speculated site that this should be the main cause of the disease.

The failed VA actress broke the AIDS episode last month, causing many men and women to be heartbroken. The 27-year-old actress AV Bao Lili immediately shared her test report on Twitter. Fortunately, the result was negative, she also broke the news. I knew that before the news was released. For that reason, she had not taken the exam for a while. "The last time I took the exam was August 27."

"Weekly POST" reported that there are about 80 male males on the line today, 10 of them filming with the actress who was infected, and those 10 people were tested quickly. Fortunately, they did not get sick, and one seems to know they are suffering of AIDS AV. The top AV male of the female figure said the female had also taken the AV after the javelin, and another said the actress had filmed more than 10 jobs, presuming she was working at customs to cause illness.

(China Times Bulletin)


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