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On April 21, Taipei time, the Spurs started the series' most painful loss: they lost 14 points at home and let the Nuggets equalize to 2-2 and return home. Spurs coach Popovich described the game as "an extremely frustrating failure".

The Spurs' status in this game is not only reflected on the final scoreboard. In the whole game, the team scored just three points, with the exception of the last garbage time, when the fourth quarter was midway, the team hit just three points. After the fourth quarter of Mills' 3 + 1 key was destroyed, team morale fell to the bottom. After DeRozan was sent off directly from the referee by throwing the ball, the game was declared to end prematurely.

DeRozan was kicked out

In the last game with a high light performance, Derek White, the game was almost completely lost, contributing the lowest positive and negative value of the team. In the whole game, only 8 points were scored, but there were 4 errors, plus a tip for the young. In contrast, Jamal Murray, who is facing the gold, played strong in the game and answered his doubts in the third fall.

After the game, the media interview room was silent, dozens of reporters sat together, but no one spoke. Everyone is waiting for the appearance of coach Popovich. The wave that always appears as the fastest after the normal game, this time is for everyone to wait for a long time, probably in the locker room for the boys to teach or in training, or they may be analyzing this reason for failure. But when Popovich appeared in front of the media, the unpleasant mood was unobstructed on his face.


"This is a frustrating defeat, and our performance is disappointing," said Popovich in expressing his dissatisfaction. "Compared to gold, we're not working hard enough and not smart enough, these are the playoffs." The stage, so the reality of our table is very bad. "In just two sentences, it is not difficult to see Popovich's desire for this victory." Obviously, gold wants to win this game, they are competing, and we do not, "added Popovich.

However, the trend of this game was not the case at the beginning. In the first quarter, the Spurs' offense was very smooth and smooth. At the same time he played a 7-0 spurt and finished in the first quarter with a double-digit lead. Throughout the first half, Spurs' All-Star striker Aldridge also played well, and the heavy attack, refueling, and air connection in the basket detonated the mood of the house's target audience. Everyone got up and waved the towel in their hands.

But it is clear that gold has been actively adjusted since the second quarter. At the end of the semester, the score was matched. Back in the second half, he directly dominated the game. Popovich also talked about adjusting the gold in the game: "Obviously, they reinforced the physical confrontation and the intensity of the game, and we do not respond to that."

Spurs players and paper players lost collectively, which also made coach Popovich feel weak, because of this, Bobo did not let Aldridge play well before the entire fourth period. Probably he has already predicted the direction of the game and wants Ade to rest directly.

And for Derek White, who had a big gap with the performance of the previous game, Popovich still gave the young man full patience and understanding. "He's almost a completely different player in both games and it's a good education for him, and for a young player he will always try it and learn from it."

DeRozan replied bluntly.

More than half the series, I hope the Spurs can adjust in the next game. DeRozan, who was kicked out in advance, was also stunned. The belief in winning is still in his heart. He said to the microphone in front of him, "let's answer in the next game."

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