"Biohazard Re: 3" will debut Crazy Official out of the pile of expectations – Gameapps.HK


On April 15, Biohazard officially launched the photo of "Biohazard 3" Gil with the words "Do you have the feeling of being observed by others"?

On April 16, official Twitter released another photo, and the photo shows the broken wall. Since the history of Biohazard 2 occurred after Biohazard 3, Lyon and Claire will probably see a confusing scene left by Nemesis. From this point of view, Capcom seems to hint at the relevant content of "Biohazard 3".

The news released by the official Twitter of Biohazard in the last two days seems to point to "Biohazard Re: 3"! If you really want to pitch everyone, are you looking forward to it?

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