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April 18, 2019 • Technology of Life

Recently, the Korean wave hit Taiwan, and KMT Mayor Kaohsiung of South Korea is very popular and rumored to run for president. However, the situation has changed recently because Hon Hai President Guo Taiming clearly announced his candidacy for the primary presidential election, and Apple CEO Tim Cook also called Guo Taiming to express his concern.

As Taiwan's richest man, Guo Taiming's candidacy to the president naturally provoked social incitement, but as an Apple product smelter, all of Hon Hai's movements attracted the attention of the outside world. Reuters quoted members of Hon Hai as saying that Apple CEO Tim Cook had contacted Guo Taiming on April 17. The person said that the two sides are old friends who have had friendship for 20 or 30 years, and Hon Hai is Apple's largest foundry, so it is normal to call the concern. However, the content of the conversation between the two sides was not disclosed.

Reuters reported that Hon Hai employees are welcome to vote for President Guo Taiming because all Hon Hai businesses are operated independently and daily operations are handled by dedicated staff. Therefore, even if Guo Taiming resigns, he will not have a major impact on the company's operations. Hong Hong, currently listed in Hong Kong, is being managed by Lu Songqing. The report added that the company is operating as usual and that employees are still working normally. In the face of a large number of news about the election of Guo Taiming to the presidency, employees should only "watch Korean dramas."

However, another Japanese Economic News media analysis said that since Guo Taiming was in the name of arbitrariness of the company, he had always decided everything, so his departure would inevitably bring chaos to the company's operations.

Source: Reuters

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