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"Podium" is a symbol of outstanding players in the NBA playoffs. As the playoffs in the playoffs received more media attention in order to prevent the lounge from crowding into the media of more reporters, the league will allow certain participants to come to the interview room for interviews. Most of the time, this is the treatment of the best players on the team, but occasionally there will be players who were not noticed to take over the game, and become the focus of the spotlight after the game, ESPN senior writer JA Amande called this of "Game of the Podium". ".

The omnipotent defender spent most of the 2018-19 season in injury, but he recovered gradually in the second half of the season. Bulls have a very large playoff goal, and Barton is probably the key.

How did Barton get to the gold?

If not in 2015 – the third season of his career – was traded to Denver midway through, Barton can never be an attractive player. The pioneers chose Barton at the 40th overall pick in 2012 (when the Pioneers had four draft choices), and the influx of rookies – including Daman Lillard – made Barton's victory difficult. To make matters worse, the pioneers signed another custodian, CJ McCollum, after the season. So Barton rarely played, averaging 11.2 minutes per game in the first two seasons.

Lillard is always impressed with Barton. Because Barton treats all games, it's like playing the G7 championship. In fact, three years after Barton was traded to Denver in 2015, Lillard even asked owner Paul Allen to explain his previous choice. Although Lillard was not happy at the time, it was the best result for Barton.

"This transaction saved my life," Barton said on the February 2018 "Road Trippin" radio program, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye. After joining the gold, Barton more than doubled his playing time in the 2014-15 season. In 2015-16, he became a candidate for the Best Achievement Award. If Barton is in Portland, he believes he left the league a long time ago. Maybe he's right. Instead, he transformed the team through the general manager of gold nugget Tim Connelly, becoming the pillar of Denver: a veteran with little experience.

How is he playing?

First of all, we must first state: Barton did not play in the first half of this season. In the second set of ingot, his core and hip muscles were ripped, requiring surgery and several months of rest to recover. Barton returned in the 41st game in January, but due to the gaps of his game, for example, when overall stability fell, his flexibility declined as he cut the basket. And these problems still exist today, it can only reach a few balls occasionally.

Before the loss, Barton is qualified for any role you want him to play: be it a beginner, a sixth man, an organizer, a small attacker, a substitute point guard, a terminator, he can do it all. The last season's gold block has so many injured soldiers that you have to list the entire team every day. Mike Malone needs a global player: who is better than a workaholic like Barton? He is good at filling vacancies, just as he looks for a gap in the basket.

Barton is long and thin, 6 呎 5 吋, 6 臂 10 吋, and looks like a high school student whose body did not reach him. But this is his advantage in the offense. In last year's game he used the leadership of the whole team and his superb fake action, so Barton shot at each shot as if there was a big gap in the sea.

One of the key elements of Barton's skill package is fixed-point shooting. It took several years for the shooting to come in handy. This season, his three-point percentage dropped from 37% in 2017-18 to 34.6%, but he has more than 36% pitch percentage and field goal percentage after the three-point lineup.

How does your team rate you?

Coach Mike Malone said in 2018: "He's a Playmaker, this is Barton.He's an organized basketball player.He can pass his teammates, pick up the ball and go to the basket to finish the game, or replace the teammates of team took the opportunity to score.He won a lot of games for us, and that's his skill.He takes advantage of the crucial moment. "

Nugget director Tim Connelly said three years ago, "If you get along well with Barton for a few days, you'll want to ask him," What's wrong with you? "" He never sleeps, he has infinite energy. If we have a child looking for one-on-one or something when we finish training at another school or university, he will never refuse. Sometimes Barton will be too tired, but he will still insist on training there, or Play Face-to-Face with a child of 10 years. "


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