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The concern of the inhabitants of Zakynthos seems to be great in knowing if and if the Shipwreck will be ready to receive the thousands of tourists that swarm it every summer, and the area on the upper plateau will have a decent image after the landslide.

The island, according to the imerazante, is in the process of guarantees and promises, since it was received by the mayor of Zakynthos delivering the envelope with the permits for intervention in a reforested area to the Ministry of Environment and then the Ministry of Tourism for the area " Navagio ".

However, at the same time, the decision of the Port Authority to ban the approach and anchoring of floating means and the taking of a sea bath in the Zakynthos Wreck was published in the Official Gazette, defining what should be applied, and to change, guarantees and clear instructions on which parts of Praia is safe and which is not.

The decision of the Port Authority published in the Official Gazette of Edition B & # 39; 907 / 15.03.2019 states:

"Taking into account the continuing need for emergency measures to protect human life and safeguard the safety of parcels and, by extension, the public interest as a result of the natural phenomena of September 13, 2018 and October 26, 2018, which the provisions of this decision do not cause any expense to the State budget and current legislation, we have decided:

  1. The prohibition on the approach and mooring of any floating motorized or non-motorized means and the prohibition of taking a sea bath in the Bay of Zakynthos for the period between publication of the present and the time shall be institutionally competent to implement those mentioned in (n) and (q) and institutionally competent to eradicate the risk due to the natural phenomenon (s) in question.
  2. Violators of this decision, regardless of civil or criminal liability, are subject to administrative sanctions, in accordance with article 157 of Law no. 187/73 (Government Gazette 261 / A & # 39; / 1973) as in force.
  3. Upon the entry into force of this Agreement, any other decision which conflicts with it and / or relates to matters governed by it shall be abolished. "



It is not known if the gem of the island will be accessible in summer immersing

The study of Efthimios Lekka

The question remains whether the new necessary study will be provided in the preparation of a new free study proposed by the National and Kapodistriana University of Athens through Professor Efthimios Lekkas, who explained why the landslide occurred in the Zakynthos Wreck.

Their assistance was requested in order to remove the impasses that were created, while guests and professionals will have to wait for the proposals that will be presented in the following period, considering that with additional measures and restrictions we will forget what has been so far to access the area.

According to what is known, the study to be presented to the local authorities and the Port Authority will be prepared at the base of the beach to be safe access and to the points where there is risk of landslides to prohibit access and stay.

The role of local authorities, who will be called upon to take concrete measures for demarcation, labeling and, most importantly, the presence of a guard who, as everyone seems to be, should be there to oversee compliance. instructions to be given.

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