Young man plagued by Kevin Spezij has spoken "fire" to court – News


A young man who sued for sexual harassment of well-known actor Kevin Spacey gave details of the incident in court that adjudicated the case of what happened at the Nantucket Massachusetts Bar in 2016.

The young man, to make sure he had evidence, sent messages to his partner and took them to court. The dialogues he has with his girlfriend while sitting with Kevin Spacey in bars is shocking. She did not seem to believe her at first, but then she realized something was racing. And now those numbers were presented to the court where the actor participated last time.

Dialogs in messages

Victim: "She's sitting with me in the bar. He took my number and asked me to go with him for a walk."

Victim girl: "You board It looks like it's falling for you"

Victim: "I think so. He takes my leg"

Girl: "Are you trying to tell me something? Being gay is good!"

Victim: "I'm not gay, but I think it's Spessi"

Girl"Hahaha, I'm jealous of you, say hello to him please."

Victim: "No, I'm serious.It's gay"

Girl"Wait, really?"

Victim: He took my life 8 times »

Girl: "He is vulgar, I write"

Victim: "I told him I had a girl"

Girl"I thought you were serious … You're walking with me. Tell him to come back because you have a girl."

Victim: "Seriously, I'm talking.He took off my zipper and called me home.We're talking about"

Girl: "What the hell is going on? Look at you doing well, but not so much if you mean …"

Victim: "He went down to my pants Help He's gay I'm buying another drink Help me I've had too much already I'm drunk It's got me again I really want help I'm going to take a picture Help me.

What do Speedy's lawyers say?

Spice's side accuses the victim of having easily erased messages and asked that all dialogues be revealed, as they would prove his innocence. As their lawyers said, the messages that have been presented alter the reality and have asked the court to investigate all the dialogues in the forum.



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