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With … right and with new Olympiacos faces! – Football – Superliga – Olympiacos


A good opportunity to make a difference from the early days of preparation was Olympiacos in a friendly coaching style who gave Kallithea's "El Paso" with a 3-2 victory over Vitorol.

The "Reds" opened the scoring on the 28th with the top scorer Manner, who returned from his loan with PAS Giannina, while in the 30th Podhenes formed 2-0.

The Romanians' response was immediate after they narrowed to 2-1 with Ganea, scoring which was the one with which the first half was completed. In the second half, Martins scored a third goal, making it 3-1 to 59 with Guirmer.

The final score was set at 61 & # 39; by the end of Iancu.

Of the new transcripts, Bat played during the break, as Bruno, Kaysers who played in the second half.

Olympiacos (Martins): Tzolakis, Masoura, Papadopoulos, Voukovits, Martinis, Xenitidis, Androutsos, Marinos, Canábeles, Sodano, Hands.

In the second half they played: Tzolakis (80? Stournaras), Torosidis, Sourlis, Tsimikas, Gillière, Ba, Guerrero, Bruno, Kaysers, Voilis, Silva.

The future (Hatzi): Tordai, Kuipers, Mladen, Tiru, ​​Grosu, Viña, Malaele, Achim, Oliveira, Calcan, Ganea.

They were also played: Colocaru, Buzbuchi, Nooijer, Maan, Iancu, Tircoveanu, Iacob, Keita, Popescu, Leeca, Tucaliuc, Danuleasa, Ilie, Arteano, Houri, Halep, Birzu.

The game description of the official Olympiacos website:

In the first friendly of the new season, OLYMPIACOS imposed 3-2 of the Winning Cup of Romania, Vittoroul. Hands (28?), Podehenes (30?) E Gilliere (59?) Scored for our team in the game that closed behind the doors of Kallithea's court.

In a perfect tone – that's why this particular field was chosen – Mr. Martins had the opportunity to experience a lot of what works with his players in the early days of preparation.

Mr. Martins started with four players from the infrastructure departments and one Academy player, Thanasis Androutsos. OLYMPIAKOS had mid-line control, initially threatened at 7; with the head of Papadopoulos and six minutes later, Canavés was defeated at TCPA. Although it is in the initial stage of preparation, our team has not stopped making steps against Romania. At age 19? Podehenes tried a right-footed shot but it was not enough. Marinos, after an extraordinary atomic action, found himself in a shot, sending the ball a few inches above the beam.

The superiority of Olympiakos was at 28, when Manos moved away from the area and with a kick he sent the ball to the back of the field, scoring 1-0. Our team doubled its goals to 30; with Ponteveda escaping from the middle line with great pretense and after reaching the line of the small area, surprisingly broke the goalkeeper of the opponent.

Vitorolle reduced to 2-1 at 32, with Ganea taking advantage of the center of Tucaliuc from the right.

OLYMPIAKOS could have scored another goalning in the first half. Originally at 39; Solana turned from the left, Manos found the ball, but Grosu with a projection in the line saved the Romanians. The Greek striker played 3-1 and 41st. In particular, Marinos turned from the left, Manos got up and with a shot, he sent the "round goddess" next to the right bar. The first half was completed with the Calcan shot from the right of the area.

In the second half, Mr. Martins changed the 10/11 team, leaving only Tzolaki in the middle. Kaysers, Bruno and Ba, who with Torosides, Tsimika, Igor, Sourlis, Gillière, Voille and Guerrero, made their unofficial debut with the Olympiakos jersey in the second 45 minutes.

Despite the many changes, OLYMPIAC had a rhythm in their game and in 54; had a good time with Voile's head. That the young striker did not, Girliere did in 59; with a shot outside the area. The phase began with Bruno's great atomic energy and continued with Voile's Pegone.

After 3-1, Hajji climbed higher at 60; Tzolakis fouled Iancu's free kick. At 65? the Romanians reached 3-2 with De Noiijer turning from the left and Iancu this time to find a target with a tight spot.

At 76? Kaysers tried a strike from the left with a turn just for hand. The Romanians "answered" 82; with Iacob, but Stournaras, who had taken over from Tzolak two minutes earlier, intervened reliably, keeping OLYMPIAKOS at the head of the table. In the remaining minutes, both teams had a good time to score. De Nooijer at age 89? "Marcou" the bar and the next minute Guerrero was defeated by his opponent in the squad.

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