With high profits closed Bolsa – With 741.01 points the General Price Index with an increase of 2.72% | Greek Economy


High stock prices closed in today's session of the stock market, with the market rising to 740 levels, closing at the highest levels since the end of August 2018.

The adoption of the amendment to the new law on the protection of housing and the satisfactory results of the use of listed companies intensify the interest of investment in the market, surpassing the other European stock exchanges.

The General Price Index closed at 741.01 points, an increase of 2.72%. It is the largest closure since the meeting on August 29, 2018 (742.96 points).

The internal sessions recorded a higher price at 744.71 points (+ 3.24%).

The value of transactions amounted to 77,590 million euros, while 44,686,779 shares were traded.

The high capitalization index rose to 2.09%, while the average capitalization index rose to 1.95%.

Shares of Piraeus (+ 16.26%), Ethnikis (+ 12.47%), Alfa Bank (+ 7.62%), HELEX (+4.90%) and PPC (+ 4.84%).

On the other hand, shares of Aegean Airlines (-0.85%) and Jumbo (-0.13%) closed.

All individual indices rose, with banks (+ 7.79%) and financial services (+ 4.45%) showing the strongest increase.

The largest volume of transactions was presented by Eurobank and Alpha Bank, trading 13,531,489 and 6,796,926 shares, respectively.

The highest transaction value was registered by OTE with 10,654 million euros and by Eurobank with 9,959 million euros.

89 stocks rose, 24 declined and 29 remained stable.

Piraeus (+ 16.26%) and Audiovisual (+ 15.00%) recorded the highest increase.

The biggest drop was recorded in stocks: Dionic -12.00% and ELGEKA -8.79%.

Source: RES-EAP


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