Winter to … end of March


Weather: Winter to ... end of March

"Marsh marsh and bad bumblebee," the old men said, and this March was probably marked to confirm, even before he left. From Wednesday to the end of the month, weather will spoil and win a winter face, as a barometric low will cross the southern parts of Greece, moving to the Dodecanese, according to the meteorological meteorological service of the Observatory National of Athens).

It is expected from Thursday that very cold gaseous masses arrive from the north and the prevalence of tempestuous winds to very tempestuous until Sunday 31 of March. The temperature will gradually decline significantly, while in the east and the Aegean there will be very windy to very windy north winds, up to ten beauforts, which should show a particular … obsession.

The strongest phenomena are predominantly in the central and southern parts of the country, including Crete. Snowfall will occur on mountainous continents, while precipitation will be limited and will be located on the eastern continent and especially on Crete.

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