Why it will be late to leave the market by Apple


iPhone 5G: Why it will be late to leave the market by Apple

Bloomberg revealed that Apple will not only be able to equip the next iPhone with 5G modem, but even the iPhone 2020 is probably not 5G. Apple has no choice.

The first choice, according to Bloomberg, is to launch Apple as a cheaper modem than Intel's 5G manufacturing capabilities, without the features of mmWave (the fastest 5G band). This is not, of course, consistent with the company's well-known tactics, which prefer the "later and better" approach.

The second option is a 5G modem … Samsung. That would be feasible, but in very difficult trade terms. The third option is Huawei, which, in addition to the difficulties of the previous case, also interferes with US government security concerns. The next option is MediaTek, but it's back in time and will not go with you.

Finally, there is a scenario where Apple solves its legal differences with Qualcomm (the largest supplier), but it's certainly not the favorite …

Publisher: Pavlos Kroustas

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 9:11 PM


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