When your office is on the road: motorists with motorcycles


    When your office is on the road: motorists with motorcycles

There are many names used to refer to two-wheeled drivers, the "brave", who work all the time in the chaotic streets of cities. In two years, the industry laughed eight dead, injuries occur daily.

It can be said that this is a "Greek profession", since in the rest of Europe the corresponding work is done mainly by bicycles (in the catering establishments) or by cars (in the post offices).

In recent years, the demand for motorcycle transport is increasing, but not wages. ANEP-MPA spoke with two people in the sector, Mr. Kleidim Dimas, member of SETTEA (Association of Postal and Postal Operators of Attica) and Margarita Koutalaki, member of the Thessaloniki Food Distributors Committee.

Greater work, own salaries

There is a paradox, Ms. Koutalaki describes: While there are stores opening in the food sector, especially coffee chains, and the world is hired, 270,000 employees were in focus during the sector's flourishing years, team. Similarly, last year there was an increase in the demand for home delivery and a 30-40% increase in work, said Dimas, explaining that this is due to the increase in purchases over the internet. 400 companies operate, employing 17,000 to 18,000 post offices across the country, including ELTA. Wages, however, remain the same and recruitment should be higher as the workload is large. The company's demand for courier services remains the sector contract, heavy and unhealthy seals and the protection of personal protective equipment (helmets, gloves, jackets, pants).

Two-speed distributors

In general, mail carriers are working in better conditions than their peers in food. As a rule, they sign a contract and employers cover the costs of gasoline. The image has been improved, said Dimas, with the latest bill and the implementation of the Ergane system: employers are afraid and declare actual hours of work, which was not the case in the past. On the contrary, in the area of ​​catering, contracts, stamps, gifts, Sundays, holidays, overtime, 99% of travel expenses are not paid. A distributor comes very cheap to the employer, 2, 5, 3 maximum 4 euros per hour. In addition, employers increasingly require the conversion of full-time contracts (where they exist) to part-time.

Mrs. Koutalaki has been unemployed since August 2018, after five years working at the same restaurant. After 20 years in the industry, 45 years ago, he received 570 a month. It was run from Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., while in fact it ran a weekend from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. on weekends and at one of twelve weekly hours. That is, he worked six and several times seven days a week, without the employer stating the actual hours. She went to the Labor Inspectorate for her accumulated 20,000 euros, along with a colleague and both were dismissed. "Refrigerators and tables keep and take care of them, people are not interested," he says.

Indicative of the "looseness" with which your employers deal with distributors is that it is often possible to get a job at a souvlaki, pizzeria, snack bar, etc. and did not even ask for a driver's license. This does not happen in the field of mail services.

A few days ago, Ms. Koutalaki emphasized, EFKA and police conducted checks on the streets of Thessaloniki to cross Erganis's elements. Employers put distributors to work without a box or removed the badges from the box store.

The tip

With the hint, the employee basically backs up part of his job, covering the cost of the bike, Ms. Koutalaki said. "There are colleagues who drive 100km a day, in two years the bike will be useless. Usually the world should not tip, the right thing to do is get paid by the employer we are entitled to and not need the extras. to the consumer.He pays for the food and is heavier than the employer ought to give us. "Mail carriers, on the other hand, are not as dependent on bourd bou. "Food cooperatives are a condition of survival, covering a third of their wages," adds Dimas.

Pressure, fatigue and road work

"In Greece, we do not know about the behavior on the road and we are blaming the packages," replies Ms. Koutalakis, to those who complain about the way the dealers drive. "It's a pleasure for folks to fold with the car, turn around without a flash." At work, there is time, boss pressure, to make deliveries as fast as possible. we are on the road and everyone is watching us, "he explains.

"In one incident, Mrs. Koutalaki continues, the employer knocked over and kicked the worker because he made five requests in an hour. Employers have become despotic and we serve as servants."

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