"We just left to see about 40 people," says the promoter


About eight minutes later, the port company of Exarcheia was arrested when attacked by gunmen – "We have just left about 40 people," a prosecutor says.

New facts about the business that took the step of the port in Exarchia when they were attacked by a group of armed men, they see the light of publicity.

The deal, according to the report of the promoter who was present in the business, lasted about 8 minutes. After the attack, she escaped from the port.

"As soon as we left, at least 40 people were holding war rifles, guns, knives, bats and having many of them covered their faces," he says.

However, one participant from the port insisted that before entering the building, the police had taken all security and self-protection measures. They then informed AT Exarchia. However, the response of cops the assistance was negative due to lack of people and the head was asked to communicate with the Instant Action.

Syros, who was arrested and from whom the company began, has declared deference and declares that it intends to assist in the investigations of the authorities. Morocco arrested during Operation Exarchia refuses to sign and declares that he will apologize to the investigator.


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