"We introduce mandatory justification for redundancies – an arrangement


"The bill we bring to the House includes a regulation – cut off work in the country. It envisages that redundancies should be justified in the future. So, once the law is passed, no one can be fired if there is no good reason to prove this, "she said in an interview with ERT1, Labor Minister Efi Atsioglu.

As he noted, "If a worker goes to court considering there is no good reason for dismissal, the employer must show that he has a good reason to dismiss him." If the employer can not prove this, then the worker is entitled re-employment, wages for all this time and compensation, is a very large section that will be perceived in the daily life of the employees, and with this regulation, the European acquis on labor protection becomes an act in our country. "

In order to settle the debts with the Insurance Funds, he stressed that the project is ready, awaiting the programming of Parliament and will be voted after Easter. "The regulation," he added, "is very important and will provide tremendous relief as the debtors of the insurance funds exceed one million. Its innovative feature is that it includes, in addition to haircuts, haircuts and basic debts , which was not the case in previous agreements. "

Ms. Atsioglou said that all the commitments made and the measures announced by the Prime Minister of the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) to support the workers, alleviate the grassroots and the liberal professions, have become effective. "The purpose of the government," he said, "is to" strengthen the income and bargaining power of workers to relieve the vast majority of those who suffered during the crisis, mainly through austerity policies. These are not subsidies or serve for pre-election purposes. It is the axis that governs our entire policy. "

For the minimum wage, he stressed that the literature developed by a portion of the media and the DE was undermined and that a significant increase in salary would lead to redundancies. In contrast, in February there was a record employment creation of 28,000, and in total, about 73,000 jobs were created in the two-month period from February to March. This is the most serious proof that we can have a job market in which unemployment also declines and new jobs with decent wages are created, "he added.

The Labor Minister noted that it is offensive for employees to qualify as a subsidy to raise the minimum wage. Commenting on the attitude of the ND president at work, Ms. Atsioglu said: "Mr. Mitsotakis appears as a prophet of Christ and far from reality, and came to characterize the Christmas gift as a customer base."

Ms. Atsioglu pointed out that "ND has a very specific plan in the workplace, this has been done as a government, and calls a plan for the next day when it supports Mr Kurt's announcements and says that the eighth is out of date , that collective bargaining is a left-wing obsession and the only way is flexible forms of employment. "" In the forthcoming elections, therefore, two clear and competing plans for work, social security and the economy collide. will have to position themselves, "said the Labor Minister.

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