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Image of destruction in the historical building of the Polytechnic and in the wider area of ​​Exarcheia, have left the long episodes that once again marked the anniversary of the Polytechnic. The hoods fired a lot of fire through the Polytechnic Gate and set up a barrage to attack and carry out storm and molotov attacks against police outside the Foundation.

Frequent use of the spray gun has made the police special vehicle known "Aura" recruited years later. The hoods continue to fly Molotov bombs and other objects to the police forces, especially at Sturneris, who are found wearing goggles and glitter grenades.

Earlier, youths fortified at the Polytechnic destroyed him a historic portal to the Foundation portal. Young people ride flying barricades dozens of Molotov bombs, cracked balls of the National Technical University, stones and various other objects against police forces encountered using tears and glitter grenades.

The episodes have been in progress since 7pm. Hoods, many of them wearing gas masks, flying stones and Molotov bombs against cops through a Polytechnic building that they use as a base. Similar episodes are recorded on Stournari, Tositsa and Tsamadou Streets.

Disadvantaged men and women members of SYRIZA when they passed outside the US embassy. Foreigners poured water, coffee and eggs into the SYRIZA bloc in the presence of ministers, deputies and party leaders such as Pappas, Skourtetis and Rigas.

Police have made eight affiliations since noon. Some were made out of GADA when hoods threw molotov and stones at the police.

It should be noted that around the 45th anniversary of the Polytechnic they participated approximately 3,000 to 4,000 people.

Episodes are also recorded in Thessaloniki, where anti-authoritarians are attacking the police forces at Egnatia Odos of the Polytechnic School.
In fact, they created roadblocks and burned fires. At least 5,000 police officers are in the morning only in Athens.

The 45th anniversary of the polytechnic revolt was honored in Patras this year with two different meetings and marches, while small episodes took place in the center of the city, with the result that five additions were made by the police.

In Athens all roads are open except for the Polytechnic and Vasilissis Sophia between the Tower of Athens and Hilton. Metro stations "Megaron Mousikis", "Evangelismos" and "Syntagma" are open.

When the gates of the Polytechnic were closed, the student clubs concentrated and went to Klathymonos Square, waiting to begin most of the demonstration. The demonstration is preceded by the association of resistance members exiled arrested in 1967-1974.

At the same time, the PAME course was organized, starting with a concert in Omonia.

At 4:30 p.m., the course of the block was completed with the bloody flag of the Polytechnic, in front of the US embassy. As soon as the demonstrators arrived, they scoured the national anthem, raised their hands above the flag, folded it and parted.

In the morning, the doors of the foundation were open to the world to pay tribute, leaving a flower or a wreath. However, in the fear of episodes and because of the presence of anti-authoritarians in the field, the world that arrived at the Polytechnic on Saturday was scarce.

The commemorative event established by the Commemoration Committee of November 17, 1973 was not carried out, as usual, with the closing of the doors of the Polytechnic.

Previously, tensions prevailed outside the Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, when students did not allow the presidency of the Association of Prisoners and Exiles from 1967-1974 to increase in tons.

In new students of tension did not allow the entry of the president of the Thessaloniki Employers' Center, Panayiotis Tsaramboulidis and Neapolis – Sykeon mayor Simo Daniilidis. As emphasized by the students, they will not allow anyone to join SYRIZA.

The central building of the Polytechnic, "Averof", is under occupation by anti-authoritarians.


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