Sunday , April 18 2021

Vassilopoulos fell for Haristea! He nailed it to protect his paisley

This triggered Dimitra Alexandraki's reaction.

Christos Vassilopoulos was not detained on the club board shortly before the duel erupted over the candidate's position, as defined by the Charisteas City team leader.

"The game goes to the interpersonal level, although we are great teams in terms of arithmetic. The municipality showed yesterday when it gave me its vote that it judges of an event and not of the general result that a player can bring. he is not fair and should not be a leader. The leader sees globally for each person and his performance and what he has offered to the team, "said Christos Vassilopoulos, who accused the Haristea Municipality that his criteria are not running and does not take the whole team, but he chose based on but also as a "retaliation" for old situations in the game: "When you tell the whole group that" I do not vote for someone because I am doing and forgetting "… You came close to Athena and Dimitra and you did not vote Demeter and you voted for me.I judge for the result and I do not feel that I am the weakest player to send me to a gladiator.

"You want to change positions, why are you with me?" "At no point I'm not with everyone I think …" protested Dimitra Alexandrakis, who seemed to be favored by Charistea's choice.

"If I leave today, I will leave with dignity," continued Christos Vassilopoulos, shortly before Dimitra Alexandrakis "preach it": "Are you afraid of this?"

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