Monday , October 18 2021

Unbelievable! What Liza is doing today with the "concerned neighbors" … (photos and videos)


Smaragda Kalimoukou became known to the general public by imitating Lisa in the series' first season. However, his first appearance on TV was in the dance show: "So you think you can dance." Since the end of the series, it has been 10 years, and of course the young woman who, when she played in the series, had just finished school, changed a lot. It remains, however, equally handsome and impressive.

Lisa of "Worried Neighbors" Changed Career
As shown in the photos she sends to her personal account on Instagram, she has changed her career as she now works as a plus size model and advertises for a clothing company. And, of course, she's also professionally involved with her great love, dancing.

Dance is something he loves very much, and two years ago he was a member of the group of dancers who hosted Christos Mastoras. One of his appearances with So You Think You Can Dance is Chiagos, who was one of the audience's favorite players. They were dancing in quick strides, encouraged by everyone.

Smaragda Kalimoukou, however, through his profile on the Instagram shows that he is working hard and devoting his time to his love, as well as modeling of size and dance.

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