Sunday , April 18 2021

"Training" Ergotelis, Doxa Dramas Football League

Ergotelis – Trikala 3-0

Ergotelis remains unstoppable in this year's championship. The Cretans did not stop either against Trikala in Pogretios, they won 3-0 and made four in four in a great start in the Football League.

The Nike Papavassiliou players were better in the game and preceded the 38th penalty with a penalty shoot-out in Kozorone. In the second half they got even better and with Boutsakis and Doaroudits in 53 & # 39; and 76 & # 39; scored the final 3-0, while Boutsakis in 56 – missed the chance to reach another goal.

As for Trikala, its start is inversely similar to that of Ergotelis, with Thessaly having only 1 win and 3 defeats in the first 4 games.

Ergotelis (Papavassiliou): Kalogerakis, Yakoumpos, Oikonomou (78 Mosouloussi), Batzios, Kozoronis, Boutsakis (75 Kupidis), Bruce, Celio, Iadroudis, Eford, Stathopoulos (58 & Bourseles).

Trikala (Dostanic): Tayris, Panos, Goliath, Syriopoulos, Gotovos, Tsiaras, Gougoudis (54 Capos), Yakaris (54, Stamatakos), Simelidis, Triantafyllakos, Vankevai (61 & # 39; Niaros).

Doxa Drama – Heródoto 2-3

In the home defeat to Doxa Drama, who in a game full of goals, was defeated by Herodotus by 2-3.

Impressive was the rhythm of the match in the first half, with Gloucester and Herodotus scoring in the semifinals! The drama team opened the scoring in the 10 minutes when Bikaras found Kushkounas and sent the ball into the net 1-0. But the answer was immediate, with Heródoto making 1-1 with Frangoulakis.

The Cretans did not stay there and on the 31st, they made the whole turn with the Avgiani after Smyrli. That advantage lasted only three minutes, when Gloria reached the same level as the Cretan in the 34th minute, but Herodotus again had the answer to the delays of the first half. First in 45 Kroth missed a big chance for Doxa and in 45 + 2 & # 39; Pitkas made a tragic mistake and Yalousis found networks making 2-3 and giving the lead to the Cretans.

In the second half, the pace fell dramatically with the hosts looking for equalization, but not doing as Casmerede saved the problems that were created in front of his house.

DOXA DRAMAS (Staikos Verges): Pitsakas, Petafrakis, Makris, Rugalas (60?), Patralis (77? Natsiopoulos), Kapsalis, Rizogiannis, Crete (70?), Baykara, Kroth, Kushkounas.

HERDOTOS (Giorgos Lyronis): Kasseldis, Providakis, Babis, Yalousis, Damianakis (57 Kandilakis), Frangoulakis, Masados ​​(87 Foukarakis), Kassapakis, Avgenikos (67 & # 39; Amarantidis), Argylesi, Smyrlis.

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